The ActiveCare Cream is very good when you get stiff hands from knitting. Also good for neck & shoulder pain (from an accident)
Margaret Strachan
Peterhead, Scotland

My husband has arthritis and used the ActiveCare Cream for 2 months, the swelling went down. Stopped using it for a few weeks, the swelling came back, so this cream is really good.
Sheila Rose

The ActiveCare Cream helped me within 2 days on my knee, im back for another one.
Jane Nicolson
Peterhead, Scotland

Having spent a fortune on 'marvel' sore joint creams, I've finally found one that really works. Thank you & keep up the good work.
Mrs Smith
Ellon, Scotland

I have found the ActiveCare Cream to work wonders on my aching joints. And it smells nice too.
E. Russell
Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire

Dear Sir/Madam, We purchased the ActiveCare Cream and my husband has been using it on his finger joints and his feet. There is a marked improvement on the pain and movement. It works. Thank you for his relief from pain.