About Us

Natural Skincare Factory is an award winning business that was started in 2002 by Adrian Whalley. He was inspired through his mother Janet who had been working on her own range of products for many years.

Janet Whalley has over 24 years extensive experience in the development and application of complimentary medical therapies. She has a list of relevant external qualifications from psychology, anatomy, aromatherapy, nutrition, physiology and body massage. Her experience is widely recognised as she frequently teaches holistic medicine approaches in education establishments across North-East Scotland.

It is this broad experience base that has enabled her to develop the unique range of Natural and organic skin care products. They offer a truly holistic approach to skincare. Each product starts with intense research about the clinical condition and this knowledge is used to identify the right combination of unique, natural remedies to treat it.

From the base formula, to final the selection of therapeutic natural ingredients, the customer has been the main driver in formula development. These products were developed for people that Janet actually cared about so it is not surprising to understand the painstaking effort she has put into their development. The words tender, loving, & care are often used to describe the way she views her remedies.

This company has literally grown from the kitchen table to now supplying products to stores, pharmacies, salons & practitioners all over the country. The website has been online since 2003 and to date has created orders from all over the globe.